April 12, 2022

The 7 Problems You Need to Solve Before Offshoring Software Development

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Software development in the United States introduces significant challenges. There’s currently a shortage of software developers, meaning there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find a team with the skills necessary to complete your project.
You’re probably also struggling with the high (and rising) costs of onshore software development.
Or there is the promise of low-code and no-code development.
So what about offshoring?
Offshoring, the practice of hiring people in other countries to outsource your software development work, is a viable strategy to save money and start faster (among other benefits). But before you commit to this approach, you need to understand the core problems associated with offshoring – and find ways to solve them.
Potential Offshoring Problems
The language barrier.
The solution for most businesses is to choose a country that’s known for speaking English competently, But this has the side effect of increasing the amount of money you’ll likely need to spend on software developers. Find an appropriate balance for your business by selecting a country with solid English speakers, yet prices within your budget.
Time zone discrepancies and scheduling. Time zones and scheduling can also be issues. The good news is, many offshoring destinations have workers who are used to working American work hours. If you can’t find a team to accommodate this, you can come up with a compromise, allocating specific hours of the day when all members of both domestic and foreign teams are available.
Salary and wages. By offshoring your software development, you’ll likely save money on salary and wages for your developers. But you’ll also introduce some new problems. here are ample technological solutions to help you overcome this barrier, including banks that specialize in offshoring assistance.
Code quality. Next, you’ll need to think about code quality. Look for specific examples of coding they’ve done in the past and evaluate it for its quality.
Cultural barriers. Cultural dissonance between your culture and theirs can be the cause of a multitude of problems. But with a bit of research, mutual understanding, and a willingness to compromise, you can move through it.
Laws and regulations. Different countries have radically different employment laws and regulations. Some are extremely strict, while others are more forgiving – but nearly all sets of employment laws have hidden complications that can make your life difficult if you’re not prepared for them.
Competition. Hot destinations get more expensive and less available as more people flock to them, so you need to try and stay ahead of the curve.
The High Points
Remain open. Try to remain as open as possible, both during the early stages of your search and the deeper stages of building a relationship with a new partner.
Do your research. Never trust your instincts or your first anecdotal experience. Always back your ideas and your decision making with objective research.
Trust the experts. Finally, trust the experts. If you have people on your team who are more familiar with the tenants of successful software development, or if you have mentors who can provide you with guidance, listen to any feedback or advice that they have for you.
Keep these key challenges in mind and make sure you have a plan to address them before moving forward.

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