November 14, 2023

Steve Blank: AI will revolutionize the ‘lean startup’

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As you’ll have noted from our coverage, as far as startup land is concerned, AI is hot, hot, hot.
Meanwhile, the lean methodology — think of a hypothesis, test it, iterate on it — has been canon for entrepreneurs and founders the world over for the past decade. But AI will most likely play a role in building startups faster, cheaper and more efficiently. So I asked the man who invented the concept of the lean startup, Steve Blank, to see what he thinks.
AI might not have started with ChatGPT, but the ability for the general public to interact with generative AI on a wide scale did. But even still, Blank says we’re collectively underestimating the potential of generative AI.
Blank highlights how AI-assisted research has made leaps of progress in the form of AlphaFold, a project that is trying to translate proteins into their three-dimensional structures, which can help us understand processes in the body, including aging. AI, obviously, goes far beyond, and we’ve only just started to see the tremendous evolution that will span all sciences. Blank might be on to something: Just last week, researchers at University College, London and Moorfields Eye Hospital in the U.K. identified markers for Parkinson’s disease in eye scans using AI.

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