July 19, 2022

Resources to execute Design Thinking

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Design Thinking has become a very important methodology when it comes to solving complex problems within companies.

It has evolved over the years to become a useful tool to innovate with processes and ideas in any business or production sector; and allows us to improve the user experience and understand their needs; going through business models and mental maps.

Below we share 5 key tools to concretize the process:

Affinity diagram: This is a method of teamwork, which looks for the relationships that these ideas can have and thus organize them. The collaboration of all those involved is key, since to carry it out, everyone needs to agree.

Map of actors: It is a technique that allows to identify the actors of a process and analyze their interests. To build it, we must first determine the key participant or participants and from there, locate the rest of the actors according to their proximity and relationships with them.

2x2 Matrix: A 2x2 matrix is ​​a quadrant divided into four parts. It is a visual resource that stands out for its simplicity and for allowing us to organize at a glance aspects that we consider we should take into account. In this way, the team can decide which task is the one that must be solved immediately or the one that can wait.

Brainstorming: This is without a doubt one of the most popular resources. It is a way to brainstorm a topic and collect the collective thinking of the group. Its goal is just a brainstorming process where all quality ideas can be recorded.

SCAMPER: This method is called like this since it comes from the acronym for: Replace, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Propose (another use), Eliminate and Revert; and is used to favor the creation of ideas in a Brainstorming process. It is also worked in a group to respond to the ideation of solutions for a specific challenge.

If you are looking for innovation and improvement of processes in your company, Design Thinking will undoubtedly help you to reach the desired objectives.

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