October 31, 2022

Project Management in Software Development: Key Questions Answered

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You’re venturing into software development. You have a future-proof idea, detailed requirements, just enough technical expertise, and a skilled team. You’re only lacking an expert project manager. With said givens, what are the odds of you completing the project?
The sad truth is the chances for success are not that high. Various studies suggest that the primary causes for failures in software development are mostly bound to poor project management.
Common mistakes in managing software development projects that are causing those to fail are changing project objectives, inadequate communication, poor change management, inaccurate cost estimates, unidentified risks, and others.
So, to make sure your project does not spin out of control, you have to make healthy project management a priority. Below, we share our expertise in enterprise software solutions development, answering acute questions about managing software development projects.
How important is project management for software development project success?
Shortly, very.
Software development projects are typically very complex. For a project to be considered a success, it must deliver on the requirements and guarantee high execution quality, while being completed on time and within budget. And that is what a project manager is responsible for.
The benefits of hiring dedicated talent for managing software development projects, thus, span:
.Reduced risks
.Better control over project costs
.Optimal utilization of resources
.Better control over the project scope
What is project management in software development?
Project management in software development is the art of planning, scheduling, and tracking project activities given the available resources and constraints.
According to the Project Management Institute, there are five key stages in a software development life cycle from a PM’s point of view.
.Project conception
.Project planning
.Project launch and execution
.Project Acceptance
.Project completion
Project management in software development: popular methodologies
The most widely used software project management methodologies include Scrum, Kanban (both belonging to the Agile family), and Waterfall.
Other, less popular approaches to project management in software development span: the incremental development model, the spiral model, PRINCE2, and the Rational Unified Process (RUP).
What are the pitfalls for a project manager to look out for?
The key to success in managing software development projects is being able to prevent and avert risks. The common pitfalls a good PM should look out for span:
.Having no control over the scope
.Not focusing on meeting the delivery date
.Failing to establish effective communication
.Failing to establish clear processes
.Relying on unfamiliar technology
.Failing to think over the rollout process in advance

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