June 27, 2023

Best AI Tools for Product Managers in 2023

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The rapid expansion of the AI market has surprised and amazed people everywhere. In addition to improving product managers’ productivity, the newly developed technologies can potentially spur the emergence of entirely new professions. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when there are thousands of tools accessible and more arriving every week.
ClickUp is an all-in-one project management tool that facilitates better communication amongst teams of all sizes and sectors. ClickUp is a leading product management solution because of how adaptable and simple it is to use for tasks like product creation and planning. It’s a highly flexible platform with many premade product team templates for product planning, roadmaps, and new launches. ClickUp’s adaptability and useful tools make it possible for any team to tailor the platform to their own needs and the nuances of their workflow.
JamGPT is a cutting-edge AI tool that aids product managers in understanding issues and locating potential fixes they can communicate to their engineering teams. Their productivity increases and their access to technical discussions expand. JamGPT’s capacity to provide context to non-technical product managers, whether through in-depth explanations or fast TLDRs, facilitates the rollout of features at every level. It streamlines sharing and working on product improvement by integrating an intelligent AI assistant and the valuable data gathered by the primary bug reporting feature with project management tools like ClickUp, Slack, or Github.
Motion is a clever tool that uses AI to create daily schedules that account for your meetings, tasks, and projects. Say goodbye to the hassle of planning and hello to a more productive life.
By providing relevant responses to most questions, ChatGPT became one of the most popular natural language processing (NLP) tools for product managers, providing a better experience than a search engine query. Tests conducted by product managers reveal that the results are sensitive to the questions they ask. ChatGPT’s adaptability is a major selling point. Answer one-of-a-kind questions to enhance product growth, customer service, and more.
Canva’s free picture generator makes it easy to see how useful it can be in a product manager’s day-to-day work. Finding appropriate visuals for use in presentations and decks at stakeholder meetings, product launches, and the like has always been difficult. Often, you have a clear mental picture of what you want, but the available stock photos need to be revised.
Let’s be honest: much of your time as a product manager will be spent in meetings. A strong presentation is essential whether you’re pitching a new product feature to the stakeholders or trying to sell it to the engineering team. TLDV is an AI program that helps you be more productive by taking meeting notes and summarizing them into bullet points.
One of the most popular note-taking apps, Notion, has recently been upgraded with cutting-edge AI features. This means that product managers can take pleasure in their everyday workflows by establishing business wikis and product roadmaps with the help of a capable artificial intelligence that improves communication and cuts down on time spent on repetitive chores like summarizations.
Otter.ai is an artificial intelligence-driven platform that facilitates the accurate recording and transcription of meetings and discussions. It employs AI to instantly transcribe conversations and create searchable, accessible, and encrypted notes that can be easily shared. Otter can automatically join and record Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet meetings.
Can’t you track down certain product information in the mountains of paperwork your team has generated? Collato is your team’s artificial intelligence assistant, keeping track of all the information that needs to be readily available and just a click away.
Midjourney AI
Due to the remarkable and, in some circumstances, very lifelike visuals it can generate, Midjourney AI has become one of the most extensively used AI-driven software, second only to ChatGPT. It can take any input and produce remarkable outcomes.
One of AI’s most debated aspects is whether users’ data should be kept private; H2O solves this problem by making it simple for every business to develop its language models and AI tools. H2O.AI makes it simple to create custom AI tools—a feat that could have taken months to accomplish in the past—by just plugging in your data.
Product Launch AI
Product Launch AI is an advanced AI system created to expedite the introduction of new products. It offers tools to help customers develop engaging material for their product’s debut and market its novelty. Taglines to boost click-throughs, resources to expand your audience, and a stress-free copywriting tool are all included.
Leanbe is a product management platform for data-driven teams that facilitates gathering feature requests and feedback, developing product roadmaps in response to those requests, and disseminating product updates. To continuously prioritize ideas, the application employs AI to collect input from customers, team members, and competitors.
QikPM is an AI-driven platform that helps product managers streamline app development and boost teamwork. QikPM allows product managers to generate user stories with a button easily. Each month, you can use this tool’s free quota of 50 user stories to get your creative juices flowing and shape your product’s future.
A ubiquitous AI/ML interface, Unbound facilitates content automation for businesses. Users may instantly generate images and text from a centralized search bar. Unbound allows users to upload a single, high-resolution, background-less image of their product. The idea is then processed to create a unique scene editor for unlimited product shots against any backdrop.
Productify.ai helps organizations create product content to improve eCommerce campaigns and consumer experience. Marketing text, product descriptions, social media content, website structure optimization, and SEO performance summary and mass processing are program features.Productify.ai can turn visual tables into clear, well-organized digital material. This tool makes it easy to find, describe, and learn about objects online.
Scale Catalog
Scale Catalog’s AI can improve eCommerce catalog data and customer experiences. Machine learning, operational efficiency, and technical labor accelerate eCommerce experience creation. The tool integrates with existing systems and has APIs for product data access and enhancement.
Delibr AI
Delibr AI is an artificial intelligence-driven tool that expedites the production of high-quality product documentation for product managers. It has a two-way Jira interface to keep product documentation and Jira in sync, as well as dynamic templates to ensure best practices are followed, writing assistance to generate content in various formats, feedback and revision to refine the language for clarity and concision, and more.
Productive teams can flourish with the support of ManageBetter’s user-friendly tools, which include customizable action plans, meaningful career goals, and constructive feedback for managers. ReviewBuilder is an AI-powered platform that can quickly and easily generate clear, accurate performance reports.
Created using artificial intelligence (AI), WriteMyPRD is a PRD writing tool. It runs on GPT-3, a robust natural language processing model capable of generating a PRD for any product, and it gives users access to many resources to get them started. The product developers at Olvy and The Product Folks created this app, which can be downloaded into Slack.

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