October 5, 2022

11 Effective Mobile Marketing Techniques That Can Drive Leads And Sales

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Mobile marketing is a strategy used to reach your target audience personally via smartphones, tablets or any devices made for mobile viewing. Techniques like location-based targeting or even an AI-powered system can be used frequently for mobile marketing. However, there lies some skepticism on how consumers give and receive their information online.
So, what other ways can mobile marketing be implemented in a way that makes your target audience comfortable and still be able to get sales and leads? Below, 11 Forbes Communications Council members share ways that are effective for both.
1-Investing In Communications Campaigns
Your employees are most loyal, motivated and overlooked brand ambassadors. To stay innovative and relevant, invest in communications campaigns for all employees.
2-Using QR Codes
They are easy to create, very measurable and can be deployed for local or national marketing.
3-Personalizing Promo For Humor
Personalize promotional pushes or use humor for value, because if you are pushing into someone's personal device it had better be of value to them, identify with the person and be in compliance (double opt-in).
4-Receiving Consent From Your Audience
Cold SMS marketing is a big no these days. Ensure the audience you are targeting gave their consent to reach out, then plan based on their engagement with your first message. Do not overindulge with too many phone calls or SMS.
5-Using SMS Efficiently
It's important to first understand and comply with laws regarding text message marketing as they differ from a channel like an email. Then, work on crafting effective messages that align your content with the immediacy inherent in text messaging and you could add a great channel to your marketing plans.
6-Reformatting For Smaller Screens
Mobile marketing doesn't just mean mobile campaigns; it also means ensuring your campaigns look just as good on a desktop as they do on mobile screens. If you're distributing a newsletter or e-blast, check it on mobile before pressing send.
7-Implementing An AI-Driven System
Investing in an AI-driven software system for smart automation of your marketing is imperative. Even the smallest companies can benefit from the data-driven, targeted content that this kind of marketing offers.
8-Using Location-Based Targeting
Location-based targeting can be very effective for driving business into retail locations. This involves targeting those in the area and providing them a reason to visit the store, be it a limited-time offer, a storewide sale, an experience happening in-store or a gift with purchase.
9-Making The Message About The Audience
Focus on the value-added, not the bells and whistles or marketing language. Using limited text clearly states what the reader has to gain from your product or service. Don't make it about you, but make it about what the reader can win from generating a lead.
10-Sending Direct Messages To Your Audience
A very effective mobile marketing campaign is sending mass direct messages to targeted leads. Make sure it's short and to the point while also leading the client to something else they can look at or a website or social media page they can refer to and contact.
11-Making Your Website A Progressive Web App
Make sure your website is a progressive web app (PWA). PWAs are delivered through the web like any website, but are built to deliver a user experience similar to that of a native app. This helps to improve the overall mobile customer experience and keep people engaged on your site longer, leading to better conversions.

The original content of the note was published on Forbes.com. To read the full note visit here

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